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    國際招標與投標英語詞匯 -中英對照

    From:青島希尼爾翻譯公司 http://www.jamestrothwell.com


    標的物 Subject matter

      招標通告 call for bid

      招標通知 tender notice

      招標文件 bid documents

      招標條件 general conditions of tender

      招標截止日期 date of the closing of tender

      招標方 tenderer

      投標 submission of tenders

      投標方,投標商tenderer, bidder

      投標邀請書 Invitation to Bid

      投標押金,押標金 Bid Bond

      投標文件 tender documents

      做標,編標 work out tender documents

      投標書 Form of Tender

      投標評估 evaluation of bids


      be wi11ing/unwilling to participate in the bid

      我們擬參加……的投標。We wish to tender fro…


      We agree to abide by the conditions of Tender specified above.

      資格預審 prequalification

      詢價 inquiry

      詢價請求,詢價單 Requisition for Inquiry

      報價 quotation

      報價表格 Form of Quotation

      提交報價 submission of quotation

      升價,提價 escalation

      不適當的(如用電話)或不負責任的報價將被拒收。An inadequate(e.g. by telephone) or unresponsive quotation may be reason for rejecting the quotation

      標底 base price limit on bids

      報標 bid quotation

      評標 evaluation of tender

      議標 tender discussion

      決標 tender decision

      開標 bid opening

      中標 has/have won the bidding in …

      中標者 the winning/successful bidder, the successful tenderer

      未中標者 the unsuccessful tenderer

      中標函 Letter of Acceptance

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